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SEN – SEO Master Class 2.0

The SEO Masters Certification Training Course
Available now for self-study at your own pace in your own comfort zone

business_profitLet’s get one thing straight right now…

This Certification Course WILL make YOU money!

I know, bold claim. But it’s true and we can guarantee it!! …read on, and you’ll see why we’re so sure.

Like no other training we’ve done, THIS is the course where our experts peel back the curtain, take you by the hand, and actually *show* you how they boost their bottom line and grow their customer base by providing a package of very specific SEO Agency Services that are…

profitable on the front end
and provide continuous streams of revenue on the back end

So, sit up and take notes my friend, because this is the training that’ll provide you with the best ROI for 2015!

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do…

The Website Audit (for which we charge clients $1,250)

SEO-TrustThe SEO Master’s Course shows you specifically what we do in a Website Audit. From the SEO Agency standpoint, it’s simply one of our very best money making and client prospecting tools. When we find a company we want as a client, we use the Website Audit as the carrot to attract their interest and secure the appointment. This often leads into an ongoing relationship with recurring maintenance fees that provide a continuous stream of steady income.

The Master’s course uses a demo website to take you all the way through every tiny detail of the process, leaving no stone unturned. You’ll see our steps and procedures as they typically unfold. Once you’ve finished this section of the Masters Course, you’ll be armed to close the clients you choose, instead of trolling for just anybody you can get.

Over the years we’ve seen this – the ability to pick and choose clients — to be THE big difference between the pros that thrive and those that just survive. Owning the ‘how to’ for the Website Audit Process arms you with a prospecting tool that makes you a chooser and your competition the loser. It gives you the closing hook you need to elevate your game, captivate the attention of your prospect, and ratchet-up your bottom line!

Super-Optimization Strategies (for which we charge $150 an hour)

SuperSEOThis section reveals all of the little things that add up to become one SUPER advantage. Seemingly insignificant improvements like reducing page-load speeds, cleaning up mobile usability errors, increasing a site’s quality signals and maximizing the benefits of structured data markups all combine to provide a formidable edge over less efficiently engineered competitor pages.

Simply put, these are the elements that become the “unexplained” REASON why some webpages rank better when all other factors seem equal.

Link Building for 2015 (for which we charge between $500 to $5,000+ a month, recurring)
As you probably know, Google no longer favors such formerly popular and effective link strategies as Article, Press Release, Advertorial and Guest Blogging links. And, by taking away the relevance of these links (and even penalizing sites for using them), a huge percentage of sites have seen their webpage rankings buried in the bowels of the search results. The solution is to remap the site’s linking strategy. Easy to say, tricky to do!

Link-PopThat’s why this section of the course focuses on Next-Gen link building strategies that are actually working in 2015 and are projected to continue working beyond this year. The Master’s Course gives you the road map you need for implementing tried, tested, and safe link building strategies that you’ll be able to confidently offer to high end clients as part of your packaged suite of SEO and search-marketing services. This will give you a tremendous advantage over your competition. And, it provides a compelling reason for clients to choose YOUR services over others.

By the way, you may remember that we recently did a “LIVE” and comprehensive SEO Master’s Certification Training Course and, yeah, you missed the course and it really was pretty amazing. But, don’t worry, you can still learn what everyone else learned because we recorded everything! …and we edited out the glitches, coughs and pauses so you get only the laser-focused course-content that’s packaged for easy self-study.

The SEO Master’s Certification Training Course self-study package includes:

  • Three Recorded Classroom Sessions that are followed by Q&A: The complete session videos, MP3 audios, and PDF slides are available for each session compatible for viewing on any device; desktop, laptop, notepad, or mobile. Here are the total Run Times including the Q&A…

SEN – SEO Master Class 2.0run

  • One Recorded Mega-Q&A, Session Four, that runs for the whole 105 minutes. This is where the LIVE participants peppered our expert trainers (Casey Markee & John Heard), with every question they could think of. And, YOU get to be the fly on the wall that listens-in to this insightful exchange between students and teachers.
  • 30 days of Unlimited Free FastAnswers to all of your questions: Honestly, it’s hard to imagine you’d think of many (or any) questions that weren’t already asked & answered in the course. But, if you do, then you can the ask the expert just like the LIVE participants could. As you work your way through the classroom sessions, write down your questions. As they get answered throughout the course, check them off. When you finish the course, simply email any of your unanswered questions to us and you’ll have your answers from one of our knowledgeable experts within one business day. (value: $49 per FastAnswers reply)

About Your Trainers

CaseyMarkeeCasey Markee is SEN’s Lead SEO Consultant (since 2004) and our go-to guy for doing Website Audits @$1,250 per. As you will see, Casey has perfected the process! In this course Casey takes you through the very same step-by-step approach he uses almost every day in the field. He reveals the tools you should be using to do your analysis and you’ll see exactly how he systematically goes about identifying a website’s rank suppressing issues. He also shares with you the techniques he’s developed over the years to most effectively communicate his findings to clients and company owners.

JH_78x98If you’ve been following SEN for any length of time, you know John Heard as the head of SEN’s research department and our lead technical writer. John’s been with Planet Ocean and SEN since the very beginning (back in 1997). It’s safe to say he’s literally seen everything! He’s clearly one of most experienced and best SEO trainers in the world.

John saves you a TON of research time and money by sharing the tricks of the trade that he’s learned over the past 18 years. Never mind YOU having to reinvent the wheel. His easy-going, patient, heartland style of communication combined with Casey’s no-nonsense, straight to the point style of presentation provides the perfect balance of complete instruction and patient guidance toward successfully mastering the nuances of the Master’s apprentice. The course is taught by the best team there is … two of the TOP SEO Guys who’ve been there, done that, and totally know the score!

Certificate of Completion

seo_masters_2015_your_companyUpon completion of the course you’ll be eligible to receive our Official Certification and Personalized Website Badge. The Badge link’s directly to your own page which confirms to clients you’ve been Professionally Trained and Certified as a Master of SEO and qualified to perform comprehensive Website Audits. Clients can see your dedication and commitment to top quality services and continuing education. (Note: Prior to certification you’ll be required to complete an online knowledge assessment that demonstrates your mastery of the course content)

The Tuition

post-it-price_masters_2014As you can see from the post-it note on the left, $1150 is what non-SEN members and stragglers paid to attend this course LIVE.

However, SEN members got a $200 SEN Member discount PLUS, if they enrolled early, they received another $200 early bird discount.

Of course, since the course content is identical, we can’t charge you any less that what they paid. But we CAN give you both discounts so that your course fee is only $750far less than what you can earn with the addition of a single client!

In fact, the price of this course to YOU is FAR LESS than what we charge our clients for ONE website audit. That means that if YOU charge the same as we do, then your first client’s Website Audit fee will more than pay for this course. And that doesn’t take into account the additional fees you’re likely to collect from any ongoing consultation or website maintenance contract that you might agree to with that client.

In any case, it’s easy to see that you’ll quickly recoup your investment in this course once you own the knowledge. And then you’ll be making money indefinitely as you grow your client pool.



If within 24 hours of having completed the entire course and passing the online knowledge assessment, you feel that you did not get your money’s worth, then tell us and we’ll refund the entire cost of the tuition. So, essentially, there is no risk to you—just everything to gain, nothing to lose! … which is just how it should be!

The Separation Is In The Preparation

As you already know, REAL experts are separated from the rest of their profession by knowledge! …specifically applied knowledge. In less than 8 hours of study you’ll be armed with the kind of applicable knowledge that makes YOU the expert and separates YOU from the rest of your competitors. In other words, this is the preparation it takes to gain the separation you need to set yourself apart from your competition.
It’s Your Move
What are you waiting for — submit the form below and get yourself started on the SEO Master’s Certification Course TODAY! …with our guarantee, there’s nothing to lose and you’ll be so glad you did.